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2013-11-07 06:02:23 GMT


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Date ...............: November 7 2013
Runtime ............: 2:18:14
Size ...............: 10.1 GB
Video ..............: 1280x532
Bitrate ............: 5033 kbps (x264 High@L4.1)
Audio 1.............: English DTS-ES 5.1 Ch 1510 kbps
Audio 2.............: English OGG Vorbis 2.0 Ch 60 kbps -Commentary With Director James Mangold
Chapters............: Yes
Source .............: 1080p Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 7.1-PublicHD
Subs ...............: English English Forced French Spanish Portuguese

Screens.............: $53,113,752 (USA) (28 July 2013) (3,924 Screens)
Genre ..............: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi



Waiting on 1080P!
OMG you just made my fucking day!
BOZX!!!! You rock man!!! But i guess you already know this since you are one of the SELECT few head HONCHOS on this site... But i just had to say it!!!
noob question. source is 1080p Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 7.1-PublicHD does that mean it was compressed again from someone else's encoding, or just compressed once from PublicHD's untouched blu-ray release? not that it matters i'm sure it's well enough for me just curious.
Do these contain subs for the foreign parts
I love you.

It means it is compressed form their own original BluRay, that is, only once.
@shehanpp you must be blind if you consider this bad quality and stupid if you think someone is going to fall for your spam
fucking spammers
Thank you!
@ Smartware

First you check a site that has the details of the Blueray disc, like

Then you see it says 2.39:1... so, if the video says it's 1280 wide, then divide 1280 by 2.39, which comes out to 536, so should be 1280x536.

So, this is off by 4px... so Sparx is closer being off by 2px.

Problem is, go to, and it says that the Bluray release is 2.40:1 ratio... so, hard to know which site is correct. But when talking about a difference of 2-4px... no one will notice a difference at all.
Ha ha... forgot to post my original comment... :D

Can't wait to get this, but trickling in at 60kbps for some reason despite all the seeds.

Also, as per my previous comment... video details may not be accurate either, since the file is about 6.48GB but the details in the comments says 10.1GB so, 1280x532 may be off as well.
Can anyone confirm if this has subtitles for foreign speaking scenes?
Seed Please........................
Yes there is an ENGLISH 1 and ENGLISH 2. The English 2 shows English subtitles during the foreign talking parts only.
Please seed guys. I really want this one.

thank you for that post.
audio 10
video 10
movie 8
Thanks BOZX.

Quality of the audio and video is a 10, but unfortunately I found the movie a bit meh, so I'll give it a 6.
Thanks for an actual quality rip.

Don't fall for YIFY's fake 720p rips. There's no excuse for low bitrate 720p.
I can not get the subtitles to work. Im watching on VLC Player and i tried the subtitles but it still isnt showing up. Is there something i need to do?
Awesome quality! Skimmed through and it looked great. Thank you!
ugh, one of the shittier comic book movies. the scene after the credits was worth seeing though I guess.
Maybe a newb question here but I'm hoping someone could help me. Does anyone have any good recommendations for for how to add the subtitle file to a mkv file and convert them into an iTunes compatible video file. Is there a free program at all out there that can easily do this?

Or, does anyone have a good way to stream mkv video files with the subtitles in tact (using VLC Media Player perhaps) from your computer using Apple TV or similar?

Any information would be helpful, thanks.
erraticchevy at 2013-11-08 13:58 CET:
Yes there is an ENGLISH 1 and ENGLISH 2. The English 2 shows English subtitles during the foreign talking parts only.

What are you talking about?? There's no subtitle files in this torrent.
thanks for this BOZX, but can we get real subtitles aka .SRT or similar?

There are no reliable open source tools to convert .vosub and few non desktop based players support them.